We take your product and sell it on Amazon – regardless if it has not yet been listed on Amazon or it’s already listed but not selling well.  If it’s a new listing, we have our team set it up as a new item listing on Amazon.  If it’s an existing product that you listed on Amazon yourself or had someone else list for you and it is performing poorly, we will have our experts investigate why its not performing well and work to boost its ranking on Amazon searches and to gain more sales!


Today, Amazon is the most prolific on line retailer in the world!  We regularly see inventors and small product companies selling well into the 6 figures and beyond – as long as they have a sound Amazon strategy and know how to optimize sales with compelling product copy, great photos, excellent short videos, and keen marketing strategies that Amazon allows you to employ in order to sell a lot of product. 

What’s in it for you? 

You get the opportunity to have a team with decades of retail and on line experience to list, promote, and sell your product in greater volume.  We understand Amazon…and know how to tweak an existing offering to get it to sell more.  We know just how to create a compelling new listing for your product and get it to the forefront of searches for products in your product category.  So, if you have a kitchen item, we will work to make sure it shows up early in a search by a consumer so that they look at your product before they look at the many others that may be similar.  We do all of the work….and you get to enjoy greater sales !

What’s in it for us?

We earn 15% commissions on all sales made on Amazon for your product.  We pay for all of the costs to research your product’s performance if it’s already listed on Amazon or if we list your product for the very first time!  We will collect the necessary product information from you, organize it, and list your product.  We monitor your sales and make necessary adjustments to improve sales performance.  For the time and effort and skills we employ, we earn our 15% commission.  We collect our commissions every two weeks as long as there are sales each week.  There are no up front fees required!

What do we need from you?

 We need to confirm that you have adequate inventory to sell.  Without product, we have nothing to sell.  Quantities we need can vary but we look to work with products that either have a couple of hundreds pieces in stock and/or can have inventory readily available within just a few days.  We can work with products that have just dozens of pieces in stock but we do assess each product before we decide to work with it.

We also need to be able to gain access to your Amazon account if you have a current item listed.  If it’s a new item we are listing, we will work with you to set up the product by collecting certain information such as company name, address, product specs and photos, and other relevant information. 

How long does it take to set up a new product?

Set up usually takes a few days to more than a week.  This depends on how fast you provide the needed items we request and if we have other people we are currently setting up.  It also takes some time for Amazon to officially have a product listed.  This can take additional time. 

Do we offer any guarantees that your product will be successful?

While we feel we can help most people to achieve success on Amazon, we cannot offer any promises of success.  There are many factors that can determine the success of any product such as consumer’s acceptance of your product, if they feel the price is acceptable, and if your product is compelling and is interesting or useful enough for them to want to purchase it.  We offer a written agreement that outlines the program in detail. 


Want to learn more?  Have questions?  Email us at info@weknowbusiness.org