Why is Inventing so Popular these Days?

From TV shows such as Shark Tank and Make Me A Millionaire Inventor to leading magazines such as Inc. and Entrepreneur filling their pages with articles about inventing and innovation, it is no surprise that so many people are getting excited about inventing! Along with this, the growing economy is actually fueling the inventing business and here is why….

Many corporate executives and employees are often nervous about the financial state of the companies they work for and are nervous about losing their jobs. Certainly seems natural to worry. So, what is a person to do? They finally decide that they will take a chance and start their own business. The risk is great but they could in effect control their own fate. If they succeed or fail it will be because of their efforts and abilities (among other factors) and for many that just feels good. We know that when we decided to “take the plunge” we were nervous and had no idea what would eventually happen. We left the comfort of a secure paycheck and benefits but decided that from that point on that no one was going to eliminate us through lay offs, changes in company direction, or whatever other reasons companies have for letting people go – and often with little or no notice!

Today, people are coming to us in droves asking us to help them start their businesses and inventing is indeed a business. Many of them are financially prepared to make a break from the corporate life but realize that soon enough they will have to do something to get their business to succeed. Just something to think about…..