Tis the Season to be Inventing

The holidays are here and with that comes the time to give gifts to the ones you love!  It’s also a time when retailers cash in.  For many retailers, the Christmas holiday can be more than 25-30% of their total retail sales.  So, these retailers make a huge push to offer the most innovative and exciting products to their millions of customers. 


How can you cash in on this huge bonanza come Christmas 2017?  Get your invention ideas out of your head, onto to paper, and them make them a reality!  It’s a pretty simple process – you jot down your idea, do a patent search to make sure you can safely pursue it, find out the cost to design and develop the product, find a factory to make the product, create a package and a price for your product, and then you go out and try to sell it.  Of course, there are other steps along the way but the basic idea is that you MUST ACT and not sit back and do nothing about making your dreams a reality!  Retail store buyers are looking for new products anywhere from six months to a year in advance.  You must prepare NOW if you hope to be a part of the festivities next year.  Doing so means learning all of the proper steps to inventing and then acting on each step carefully.  It will take time to get your product into a retail ready item, but talking about it and doing something about it is the difference between future success and just dreaming about it!


Get out a pen and paper.  Jot down your ideas.  Share them with your significant other.  Get excited!  Then, take your plan and take action!  Be a part of the success that so many retailers enjoy.  They count on YOU, the inventor, to provide them with the new holiday hot item.  So…do you have the next Snuggie?!  Only way to know is to give it a go!