It's a New Year! What are you going to do for your business in 2017!

When a new year arrives, we tend to do what so many others do – plan summer vacations with their families, enjoy a winter beach getaway or a snowy trip to the mountains, sleep in a little later on a lazy weekend day, or just spend time outside. However, when you run your own business, the work never stops. And when you take time off, the “payback” for slacking off can catch up to you in a hurry!

So, what is the secret to balancing your lazy days and your business that you know you need to grow? Plan it out!! Here is what we do so we can enjoy the upcoming year and get our work done:

– We make sure we plan out a few weeks off during the summer but we always stay in touch with work. If we go to the beach, we bring our laptops (not to the actual beach!) and check our emails early in the morning and then later in the evening when the kids are worn out and ready for bed. We get the best of both worlds – we get some fun in the sun and we keep up with our work!

– We work harder on Mondays and Fridays so we can start our week off feeling good and end our week on a high note so we can relax some on the weekend. During the mid week, we still work hard but knowing we give that extra push in the beginning and end makes us feel better about everything.

– Spend time outside on your deck or by the pool and think about where you business is now and where you want it to be at the end of the year. This means looking at what is working and what is not and making changes so that by the end of the year you can be closer to what you want.

So, the key is balance. You need time off to recharge and enjoy life but you want to stay on your work so you don’t fall behind and play catch up all the time. Reward yourself after a hard day of work and do what you can to motivate yourself when you have a slower day. Either way…find ways that work for you and love your business…isn’t that the reason you started it anyway?