If you’re thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign or are currently in the middle of running one, you have come to the right place! WeKnowBusiness is a leader that specializes in marketing your crowdfunding campaign.  Our team has worked with some of the most successful projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 

Building compelling campaigns, intriguing content, desired rewards, excellent images, and fun videos are all vital to the success of a crowdfunding project.  Once a campaign has launched, we strategically attack online channels with targeted messaging using a combination of social media and public relations techniques to ensure early adopters back your project.

If you’re looking to get your crowdfunding campaign off the ground the right way, let WeKnowBusiness show you the ropes, help you navigate the ins and outs of successfully funded projects, and offer consultative advice on what to do and exactly how to do it!

What does WeKnowBusiness offer as part of their program?

Hiring a company like ours can be a great advantage - whether this is your first campaign or you’ve run campaigns in the past. 

·        Our dedicated team can provides all of the necessary skill sets like a graphic designer, dedicated PR/social media experts, photographers/videographers, copywriters, and website developers.  We take care of everything!

·        We have strong relationships with prominent bloggers that may be interested in your product and blog about it.  Some of them may even have access to identified crowdfunders who have backed other projects in the past.

·        We run the social media aspect of your campaign on leading sites such as Facebook.

·        We coordinate the campaign from start to finish – we create a blueprint that contains the necessary steps to create the campaign and launch it. 

·        We offer regular access to us via email to answer your questions and help you understand how to run your campaign to achieve success.

Want to learn more?  Have questions?  Email us at info@weknowbusiness.org